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What we do

Our core business is building websites. That is what we have been doing since the mid 1990s both in the UK and here on the Costa del Sol. Our skills include the ability to code and use various languages; PHP, Coldfusion, Javascript, sql, css, to build a website that looks good, is responsive, fast and has the features demanded by our clients.

Every site we deliver is fully optimised, an art that is ever changing and where required, integrated with social media sites for maximum impact.

Nick Nutter

Nick Nutter building websites on the Costa del Sol

Our Spanish adventure started in 1999. We were sat under a dripping horse chestnut tree, it was raining, in our garden in Roseacre and decided we could just as easily do what we did there, IT development, in sunny Spain, so we sold up and moved to our other home in Puerto Duquesa. We took an office in the Galerias and were soon inundated with people wanting Internet access, printing, scanning and other services to such an extent that we could not get any proper work done. One office became two and then we moved to a larger office nearby and started Duquesa Business Centre.

After four years of that we became bored and started a magazine, Andalucia Life. We sold the business centre swearing we would never do that again but life is not like that. In 2010 we bought a failing Internet Centre come estate agency in Estepona and started all over again with Estepona Port Business and Internet Centre. Andalucia Life Magazine was sold soon afterwards. We added various services to the business centre and started selling retail goods as we saw gaps in the local market until December 2014 when we sold up to return to what we do best.

On my journey through life I have picked up a few computer skills. Databases and spreadsheets are no mystery. I write browser based applications in ColdFusion, PHP and HTML5 and use SQL to integrate data with MYSQL and SQL databases.

In August 2018 I retired. By the end of August I was bored. I am not cut out to be a kept man. I persuaded Julie into starting a new Magazine, Visit Andalucia. Now I spend lots of time writing and taking photographs. It keeps me out of the pub. Most of the time.

Julie Evans

Julie Evans - building websites on the Costa del Sol

Before leaving the UK to start my new life in Spain I worked in a school as IT manager (in the days of Windows 3.1) and as a teacher to the teachers, teaching them IT skills for use in the classroom. After arriving in Spain with my partner Nick, our initial plan was to design and develop websites, however our office in Puerto de la Duquesa quickly became a hub for people wanting access to the internet and business services and we started the first Business Centre in the area.

Five years later we developed a very popular monthly magazine publication called Andalucia Life, I was the designer and production editor, the magazine ran for eight years, never missing a month and always out on time.

In 2010 Nick and I bought a failing shop in Estepona Port and over the past five years we have turned the business around. Today it is a very successful Internet and Business Centre and with a large retail presence, selling a wide range of goods including greetings cards, books, gifts and jewellery,

Over the years my experience of developing the business has resulted in a high level of IT skills, I understand databases, spreadsheets, graphic design, web site design and integrated business needs

We almost retired in 2018. That idea lasted about a week before we became bored. Nick talked me into starting a new magazine linked to the Visit Andalucia website we had been updating for the last few years. A total media package he called it, combining hard copy magazine advertising with on line advertising and dissemination through social media. It's a good job I understand his ramblings. So was born our latest venture, Visit Andalucia magazine.

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